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This section will continually grow as we hone the details of what to keep in here. If there are any requests or suggestions for information, please let us know.


We are going to park several documents and quick-links for parents here. These will include, but are not limited to:

Vail School District's Tax Credit Form. For school, write in "Vail Academy and High School". In the bottom section of the first page, select "Other" and enter "Robotics" in the line next to it.
Or, go online to make your donation here. Select "Choose a Specific Activity", then for school make sure to select "Vail Academy and High School", then under "Vail Academy Activities" select "Robotics".

For information on how to join our team, please follow this link to the page.

Welcome to the new season and we look forward to your input! GO BOXERBOTS!!

For any missing information or data you would like to add, contact us via email. Thank you.

"What will my student get out of this?"

Your student will gain knowledge and understanding of a team-run robotics sport with business aspects. While our primary function is building a robot in the six weeks following kick-off, we are also effectively a small business. We have business plans to write, award submissions, team communications, demonstrations to arrange, etc. Your student will learn to be a functional member of a Robotics Business in a high-paced, high-demand environment.

We spend the pre-season teaching the team the skills they will need to succeed, not just on the field, but in life. They will learn to collaborate within a diverse team structure. They will learn to speak about their ideas openly, as well as listen to others' ideas.

How much does this cost?

This is not an inexpensive sport, and these are real machines our team builds, weighing in around 100 to 130 lbs and accomplishing real functions. Our operating budget for a season runs over $30,000.00. Our sponsor provides a great deal for the build season and the in-state regional. The pre-season and out-of-state regional is covered entirely from the team budget. We get the majority of our subsequent funding from general funds. Each student is required to pay a $125 activity fee for this program. If you look at our budget in the information package, you will see where this goes.

Because this is a registered club within the Vail School District, there is financial assistance available to low-income families/students. We want all students to be able to participate.

What about safety?

Safety is of primary concern and is constantly emphasized! As previously stated, these robots are of significant weight. They are put together by the students. Pieces are measured, cut, filed, welded, bolted, fastened, wired, crimped, etc. by the students. There is a lot going on before the robot is even powered on and moving. It is imperative that team members pay attention to what is going on around them, that they listen to the mentors, and also to the Safety Captain (fellow student team member). This is also one reason why the team has their own dress code in the handbook.

What else should I know?

As a student, academics come first. Always. There are no exceptions. Understand that your student's workload, requirements, assignments, etc, will not be excused in any way because they are a member of this team. They must maintain their academic standards as any other student will.

We want to take all students into our team, but there are conditions that must be met. Students will be in 8th through 12th grades, or equivalent. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and no F's. Student must be able to interact in a team environment. On some occasions we have had to excuse a student or two for maturity reasons. We encourage them to come back and try again the following year.

We are always looking for some possible volunteers to start other teams at the school, or at least within the school district. We are interested in starting at least one team in each of the other 'classes'.

  • Jr.FLL Jr. FIRST Lego League (Jr. FLL is for K through 3rd)
  • FLL FIRST Lego League (FLL) is for 4th through 8th
  • FTC FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is for 7th through 12th