Vail BoxerBots
How to Join

Joining the BoxerBots

This section is provided as an overview of requirements and what must be done to be eligible and join the team.


    To be eligible students must:
  • Be in 8th grade and a student from within the Vail School District, or be in 9th through 12th grade and enrolled in VAHS or Mica Mountain, or have verifiable proof of VAHS or Mica being the first selection for school of choice upon joining.
  • Fill out the required team forms (Handbook Contract for parent and student, Medical Info form, and Media Release form) by November.
  • Register with FIRST AND must have the student's Consent and Release form digitally signed by a parent or legal guardian by October.
  • Have paid the $125 participation fee by November 1st. This can be paid directly to the team by check, or in the VAHS front office (check or credit card), or by providing proof of donation in tax credits (to the BoxerBots). For Raytheon parents please look into the matched contribution through Raytheon.
    To travel with the team students must:
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher with no 'F'.


In order to join the BoxerBots one must simply express the desire to be a part of the team and meet the requirements listed above. Contact us via email. Whether we respond or not, come to the next meeting that shows on our calendar. It is preferable to have joined before the end of October but we will not dissmiss you just because of that. New students to the team this late in the season still have a chance to catch up. Later than that, you are still welcome but realize that the majority of the training is already complete so it will be a challenge to complete certs prior to build.

Build poses a major challenge to training, which is why we prefer to have this complete prior to. The time constraints of the build season pose a focus challenge to training. So much time is being spent on the actual build that under-certified students sometimes feel lost in the shuffle. We try to avoid this, but with the focus being on the build it does happen.

Welcome to the new season and we look forward to your input! GO BOXERBOTS!!

For any missing information or data you would like us to add, contact us via email. Thank you.